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we’ll show you how we can deliver guaranteed direct access to the decision-makers you’re after

The fastest way to empower your team to have more conversations with the highly-qualified customers they’re after:


Tell us who you want to reach

Send us the list of contacts you want to sell to.


We validate your list

We will call your prospects to determine whether or not they pick up. We'll also validate that they’re the person you’re looking to reach.


You get a list of verified leads

We send the list back to you segmented based on what we found. You'll know who answers and who doesn't so you can prioritize your best prospects.


You rake in the dough

Your reps will have all the quality contacts they need to exceed their quota, and you'll have the cash flow you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Clients

Commercial Real Estate

“...I tell people about your company ALL THE TIME!”

Josh Braun

Founder, Josh Braun Sales Training

Cold Calling is Dead.

Rapid Learning

In 30 minutes, you can have 7 conversations with people you want to get in front of. The faster you have conversations with people, the faster you get to message-market fit.

Learn to Love Objections

By speaking to more qualified leads and learning their objections, your sales reps will quickly know & practice the lines that overcome them.

Honing Your Message

By having more qualified conversations, your team will be able to identify which steps in their messaging process are under-performing, giving them the data they need to hone their messaging quickly.

Conversations with an "s"

It's simple: the more conversations you have the more money you make.

Build Resilience

Knowing who and who not to talk to helps sales reps develop the resilience necessary for success.

Phone ready leads™
Cold Calling

If your reps aren’t having 8 to 12 conversations or scheduling 1 to 2 meetings for every 50 calls they make, we need to talk.

Let an expert show you how Phone Ready Leads™ will ensure your sales reps are calling the right people and closing more sales.

Schedule your consultation now to see how Phone Ready Leads will skyrocket your sales rep success rate

Successful Case
U.S. distribution specialists of professional equipment for medical and beauty spas
Dial To Connect Rate
Before PRL™
With PRL™
“I believe so much in the power of PRL™s that I have literally staked the fate of my career on it. PRL™s are simply revolutionary. The results are jaw dropping. Phone Ready Leads™ has won me over for life.”
Austin Evans
Director of Inbound Sales & Sales Enablement at Artemis Distribution

The Phone Ready Leads™ “SHOW ME” Offer

When you take advantage of our “SHOW ME” offer, we’ll process a list of 500 of your contacts. On average, 20-40% of lists will be delivered back phone ready, meaning they have a proven track record of answering the phone and connecting to the person you’re trying to reach. That means your sales reps won’t be wasting their time on the contacts that aren’t the right fit or won’t pick up the phone. The remainder of your list will be segmented for you in the following buckets:

  • Validated – phone numbers that go to a voicemail with the name you’re trying to reach
  • Not Validated – phone numbers that lead to a voicemail with no name
  • Needs Attention – phone numbers that don’t connect to a person or to a voicemail


We’ll need a $500 deposit to hold your consultation on our schedule. If either of us determine it’s not a fit after our call, you get your $500 back and walk away. It’s that simple!

IF you qualify for our killer SHOW ME offer we will put your $500 deposit right toward vetting your first 500 contacts, so once you pay the remaining $2000, we’ll SHOW YOU what Phone Ready Leads™ is all about.

If you don't get the value we promise, we will give you double your money back. It's that simple!

Get your Phone Ready Leads™ now – satisfaction guaranteed!
Successful Case
Business consulting and services company
With PRL™, Inside CRO had their highest 2-day connect to dial ratio ever, highest callback ratio ever, and top end of booking ratio range:
Conversion Analysis:
Dial to Connect Rate
Booked Meetings
“The List and Buckets PRL™ delivered helped us focus on connecting with targets that are guaranteed to be fruitful.”
Blair Carey
Founder of Inside CRO

Verified Prospects

Contacts verified by Phone Ready Leads™ will be segmented in a way that allows your sales team to leverage their skill efficiently.

You’ll know which prospects answer the phone and which ones might not, so your team can craft their cadence accordingly (all without adding additional technology or staff).

Time Well Spent

Your reps will spend less time tracking down contact information, getting transferred, and hitting voicemails. That means they’ll have more time to hone their messaging and close sales.

Our verified leads answer the phone 23% of the time on average, so at the end of every day, your reps will have had more conversations with their target prospects.


With no new tech to implement or additional staff to hire and train, Phone Ready Leads™ takes the hassle out of selling and delivers the kind of revenue growth that brings in higher valuations.

Successful Case
Software development company
In just one month, dial to connect rate increased by 175%
And meetings booked increased by 37.5%
ScaledOn started to implement Phone Ready Leads™ (and the method behind it called Buckets) to create a more effective prospecting process.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll process 500 of your records for $2500 which comes out to $5 per contact. In order to schedule your initial consultation, you’ll be required to submit a $500 deposit. If during the consultation you decide not to move forward, or we decide you don’t qualify, we will refund your $500 deposit. However, if you do not show up to our scheduled consulation, your $500 deposit will be non-refundable.

If you do qualify and decide to move forward with our SHOW ME offer, your $500 deposit will go toward your $2500 payment. Once you pay the remaining $2000, we will process 500 of your contacts and SHOW YOU the magic of PRL™. If you don’t get the value we promise, we will refund DOUBLE your money back. It’s that simple!

By using PRL™, you can actually stop thinking about how much time goes into working the phone, and start thinking about the metrics that matter most: the number of conversations you’re having with highly-qualified leads. Without PRL™, the average rep makes about 15-20 dials per hour, which might result in 1-2 conversations if you’re lucky. With PRL™, a rep can have 8-12 conversations in that same amount of time.

We’ll configure a .csv file to make it easy to get your data into the CRM or sales engagement platform of your choosing.

PRL™ was created as an alternative to parallel-assisted dialing, and attacks the connect rate problem in an entirely new way. Many of our clients who were using parallel, multi-line or human assisted dialers have replaced these technologies and services with PRL™. However, PRL™ works seamlessly with power dialers to provide better list data and a more powerful workflow if you choose to keep your dialing platform.

Nope! All you need is a list of PRL™s, and you’ll maintain a stellar connect rate–even if your reps are using a rotary phone.

With PRL™ the productivity of one rep can grow into that of about four or five reps. So, hiring more reps is entirely up to you. But no matter what, you’re going to get 5x more productivity out of your reps with PRL™.

In today’s competitive market, the best reps are seeking organizations that will give them the best shot at being successful. By using PRL™, you will attract the best talent, and you’ll be eliminating the wasted frustration that most organizations go through navigating a tangled mess of all the different sales stack technology that’s out there.

Top sales reps want to be successful. PRL™ is the only system that effortlessly allows sales reps to have 8-12 conversations for every hour they spend making calls to their ideal prospects. Reps who are serious about success are going to stick around if you’re using PRL™.

Yes, we can provide professional callers who will call PRL™s on your behalf. We offer several options ranging from hourly freelancers, fully managed and certified PRL™ callers, to Service Agency partners who use PRL™ as a part of their service offering.

We’ll help you prioritize the portion of your list that actually picks up the phone. But if you need help sourcing data, we have a list of preferred data vendors we’d be happy to send to you.

We don’t guarantee meetings. We guarantee lifts in your connect and conversion rate. We’ll get you more conversations in less time. In fact, we’ll eliminate 80% of the dial time it takes to get to each conversation.

In 2021 we processed over 1 million contact records and found that 80-90% of the PRL™s we provide will pick up within 5-7 attempts. If that’s not happening for you, there may be a problem with the dialer you’re using. Refer to STIR/SHAKEN protocols to combat this. We recommend using a tool like PhoneBurner to solve this problem. If this is not your issue, your reps may not be following the navigation paths we’ve provided. We’re happy to help get you into a Phone Burner session with the data that’s not picking up to get you back on track. We also provide all call recordings from our validation process so you know without a doubt that the contacts we deliver are proven to pick up by name.

We have a Proprietary Pareto Validation Process that involves a real person calling every phone number you provide us with within five business days. The outcomes of our calls are documented for every single record. When our phone call is answered, we document the record as a PRL™. Generally, 20-40% of the lists we take through our process will be verified PRL™s. The remainder of your list will be placed into buckets:
  • Validated – phone numbers that go to a voicemail with the name you’re trying to reach
  • Not Validated – phone numbers that lead to a voicemail with no name
  • Needs Attention – phone numbers that don’t connect to a person or to a voicemail

We’ve developed and optimized a script that is based on the best cold-calling and sales frameworks on the market. We do not call on behalf of your brand. Instead, we call on behalf of B2B Research Firm with the goal of verifying the name of the person we’re trying to reach, and then getting off the phone as quickly as possible. offers a landing page where prospects have the opportunity to opt out if discovered, or request information during a call from an agent.

We are not a database/data vendor. We take the list that you are getting from these vendors and validate them so you know who to prospect to and in what channel, plus what data is bad, allowing your reps to operationalize each part of the list and be 4-5x more efficient. 

You should be calling PRL™s because your reps can have conversations every 3-6 dials instead of 20-30. More conversations equals more meetings which equals more revenue.

These are leads interested in what you do and want to learn more. We reached out to them (versus they signed up for a demo on their own) so it is important to be proactive. They are qualified prospects in your ICP that are interested and need you to help close the gap and sell. 

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