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About ebsGrowth

ebsGrowth is a sales effectiveness firm. We leverage the best tools & practices to help organizations reduce bad sales hires and avoid wasting time and effort reaching their ideal prospects. Evaluate your current sales team with our sales effectiveness & improvement analysis.


Agency owner, Bryan Whittington, is a multi-time award-winning salesperson with more than 25 years sales experience and a decade as a certified Sandler Sales trainer & sales consultant.


  • Lead list building
  • Calling as a service
  • Sales hiring tools
  • Sales effectiveness consulting


“They add some sales structure, expertise, and a delivery that really made a difference for us. We had such a high hit rate that we consider this a model that’s nearly as good as a high-end inbound system.”
– Tom Bandy | CEO, BandyWorks

“If you’re looking for an expert partner to help you establish a sales process, I recommend Bryan, CEO of ebsGrowth. He has a great background and has a teacher’s spirit which was extremely helpful since the sales process is a little new for us.”
– Devon Fata | CEO/president, Pixoul

“I really see ebsGrowth as an extension of my team. They fill the role of at least one full-time employee if not two. I’m getting everything I expect out of ebsGrowth, plus a little bit more.”
– Bob Norberg | Chief Marketing, Cloud Age Solutions

“We’re a small shop so this was a great way to efficiently use our time and our budget. We’ve had a lot of fruitful meetings set up by ebsGrowth. They opened many doors and I foresee closing some of those sales in the near future.”
– Gillian McTiernan | Chief Growth Officer, DorothyAI

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